Three Ways Health Coaches are Uniquely Positioned to Inspire Real Change | Roger Holstein of WebMD

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Recently, FMCA was lucky enough to catch some time with healthcare media thought leader Roger Holstein. Between his past work as head of WebMD and Healthgrades, and his current role leading investing in healthcare technology as Managing Director with Vestar Capital, Holstein has seen (and driven!) many of the changes that shape the healthcare field.…
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See how the movement is growing

Our reach is growing across the country and around the world. From Bali to Brazil, from Africa to Australia, more and more people are embarking on a transformational journey to empower people to live healthier, happier lives and to revolutionize healthcare. Click to enlarge the image to check out the details. This month, 300 students…
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New February Class: FMCA grows across the globe

Enrollment for the new February class of students shows that the program’s appeal continues to spread around the world. The incoming class, which includes about 300 students, has people from Egypt, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Bali, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and all 10 Canadian provinces. Among U.S. states, Texas and California had the highest…
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Pre-order FMCA’s New Book

FMCA CEO and founder, Sandra Scheinbaum, and co-founder and director of admissions, Elyse Wagner, are publishing a book, “Functional Medicine Coaching: How to Be Part of the Movement That’s Transforming Healthcare, ” with a foreword by Mark Hyman, M.D. Already a best-seller in three categories based on pre-order sales, it will be officially released on…
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FMCA in the U.K.

Watch how FMCA’s influence is spreading across the globe with Sandra’s interview with leading U.K.-based fitness and healthy lifestyle educator Rachel Holmes.
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