The Power of Functional Medicine Health Coaching

When it comes to health coach training, there are a lot of options out there.

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy’s training is unlike any other program in its depth and comprehensive approach to Functional Medicine and positive psychology. We are the only program offered in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

We share a lot with IFM. Many of our faculty members are also on the IFM faculty, and much of our course content is the same content that Functional Medicine doctors learn in their professional training from IFM. Knowing the same protocols, tools, and language practitioners use prepares FMCA students to be part of a collaborative care team within a Functional Medicine practice. It also helps our graduates create a seamless support system for their clients, whether they’re employed in a Functional Medicine practice or collaborating with practitioners while running their own business as an independent health coach.

When you graduate from FMCA, you earn the designation of Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. This title signifies not only that you “speak the language of Functional Medicine,” but also that you know how to support patients to create real, sustainable behavior change. That you not only have the knowledge it takes to be a great health coach, but that you know how to apply it. That combination of theory and application sets FMCA apart.

That’s how we change healthcare together.

The Benefits of Becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Professional Credibility

Becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach is an investment in you. It demonstrates your dedication to ongoing professional development, your motivation to achieve, and your ability to follow through. Graduating from FMCA—the only program established in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine—means you have achieved mastery of relevant techniques and content. It also means you’re one step closer to being eligible to sit for the examination offered by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC) to become a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). Should you wish to pursue it, this credential is a new high standard in our field, and FMCA is proud to be an ICHWC-Approved Transition Program. Learn more about ICHWC here.

Positive Impact on Others

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches make a difference in people’s lives by providing crucial support and guidance to clients recovering from chronic illness or wishing to improve their overall health and well-being. As an Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, you will demystify the path to thriving by helping your clients craft and stay on a well-designed plan and evaluate progress as they work toward their goals. Along the way, you’ll be an ally for your clients, providing compassion and accountability and inspiring them to reach a state of optimal wellness faster and better than they could on their own.



Confidence can be difficult to attain without the experiences that build and strengthen it. As an FMCA student, you will not only receive a strong theoretical foundation in relevant Functional Medicine and health coaching techniques and approaches, you will also get hands-on coaching experience so you can put what you’ve learned into action before your graduate.

Career Growth Opportunities

With strong and growing demand for Functional Medicine doctors worldwide, the need for health coaches trained in the Functional Medicine model continues to grow, too. And as increasing numbers of practitioners trained through The Institute for Functional Medicine seek out health coaches who can “speak the language of Functional Medicine,” they look to FMCA. In our program, you’ll be trained by many of the same faculty who teach Functional Medicine practitioners, and you’ll also get extensive training in positive psychology and how to work in a collaborative care model. Similarly, when a potential client weighs the benefits of working with you vs. another health coach who may not have such a robust training background, your designation as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach puts you at a definite advantage.

Alumni Community & Support

Upon graduating from FMCA, you become part of our alumni network, a family of dedicated health professionals who understand the challenges you face as you continue to grow as an Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Our alumni resources include a constantly updated Functional Medicine Job Board, your own personalized profile in our Find-A-Coach database, and the opportunity to access extended training, reference resources, business and coaching mentorship, and discounts on special continuing education opportunities.

As a part of the FMCA alumni community, you have access to empathetic support and problem-solving from an active and engaged group of professional peers. Our alumni share insights and tips as they experience similar challenges and they pass along guidance on how to further your career. Making use of these connections and continuing education opportunities will help you keep pace with our rapidly changing industry long after you graduate and ensure that you have the best skills, knowledge, and resources to offer your clients and referring medical practitioners.

Boost Your Own Wellness

Functional Medicine is the new paradigm for health and wellness. Improving and maintaining well-being for life is something few of us learn in school, but it’s something from which we all can benefit. So when you master the FMCA curriculum, the knowledge you gain doesn’t just arm you to help your clients. What you’ve learned can become part of your own healing journey, and those of your family and friends. Whether you intend to practice as a health coach or are enrolling simply to increase your health fluency, our program teaches skills that apply to everyone’s healthy life.

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