Training Functional Medicine Coaches and connecting them to the people who need them.

Founded in 2014 in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine, The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy trains Functional Medicine Health Coaches to partner with clients and collaborate with practitioners.

FMCA is the global leader in Functional Medicine Health Coaching:

Our founders, Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum and Elyse Wagner, saw the potential for global impact in the Functional Medicine model, an approach that focuses on preventing and reversing chronic disease by treating root causes of illness with diet and lifestyle change. Functional Medicine could transform healthcare on a large scale, but on a small scale, Dr. Scheinbaum and Elyse noticed a gap. What was missing? The link between the practitioner’s plan of action and the client’s ability to actually make and sustain lifestyle changes.

Dr. Scheinbaum and Elyse realized that by training health coaches in Functional Medicine, they could expand the reach of this transformative movement and help bring personalized wellness to the world. This vision inspired them to found The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Learn more about our Mission and Founders.

Health Coaching Program

In collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine, FMCA delivers a rigorous, science-based training program that prepares Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches to work alongside practitioners and in other coaching settings. Under the oversight of our Board of Advisors, Dr. Scheinbaum and Elyse recruited a world-class faculty of industry leaders to bring their innovative curriculum to life.

The FMCA health coaching program:

  • Grounds students in both theory and practice, with lecture-style content as well as frequent hands-on learning opportunities so you know how to use and apply what you’re learning
  • Emphasizes the core coaching competencies as set forth by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC)
  • Accommodates the learning needs of both existing health coaches who hold certifications from other schools and of those individuals looking to enter this rapidly expanding field
  • Presents a groundbreaking WHOLE systems approach, originated by FMCA’s founders, which integrates the principles of Functional Medicine, functional nutrition, eating psychology, mind-body medicine, and positive psychology

Learn more about what makes our program unique.

Today, more than 800 coaches have graduated from FMCA to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and nearly 600 current students hope to join them. They are changing the world through their continued impact on their clients and the practitioners with whom they partner. We are grateful for every one of our students, and we look forward to serving many more of you.

Beyond the Course

Specialty Courses
In addition to the FMCA health coaching program, FMCA is developing specialty courses that offer further training in niche topics to qualified coaches. Our upcoming courses included Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches, developed in collaboration with Dr. Dale Bredesen’s organization, and Men’s Health for Coaches.

Functional Medicine Job Board
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches “speak the language of Functional Medicine,” and that makes them sought-after health coaches. Practitioners recognize the value of an FMCA-trained coach, and they use our Functional Medicine Job Board to post positions that are specifically for Functional Medicine Certified Health Coachess. The Job Board is accessible exclusively to FMCA alumni. To submit a job posting, see our For Practitioners page.

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